Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, one type of PPE we have been flooded with orders for is Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards. Since we specialize in laser cutting acrylic, our customers have turned to us to meet their needs. Our designers have come up with custom shields of many shapes and sizes equipping different configurations of tables tables & counter tops. Among the most popular are the single wall unit with gussets and the freestanding cross guard. To avoid delays in getting your guards during this volatile market, our company also stocks clear plexiglass sheet. We are committed to getting you outfitted for business quickly! As an added option, we personalize our Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards by printing & Engraving custom company logos.

Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards

Our single divider Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards are free standing and setup in seconds with no tools required! Move or reconfigure them as you need since nothing gets bolted down to your table or counter.

Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards

Our 4-way cross divider Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards are just 2 pieces that fit into each other. They can be setup as 1 4-way unit or line up as many as you need for a large party or group. When not in use, take it apart and it stores flat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to supply LCI with an logo file for personalizing Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards?
A: Certainly a logo file is helpful if you have one, however it is not necessary. Most importantly our design team can work with you to turn your idea into a finished product.
2. What format files do you work with?
A: Most often we work with Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Fusion 3D files. That is not to say we don’t use other common formats.
3. What information do I need to get a quote?
A: Just have in mind the size of artwork you need, thickness of felt and quantity. However, if you need help, we can guide you.
4. Does LCI send a proof before producing work?
A: We always e-mail a proof for your review before taking any project into production because we want to make sure every detail is ironed out.
5. Do we have to order large quantities of Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards?
A: No! We take orders of a s little as 1 unit!
6: What do the edges look like?
A: Every unit is laser cut and has a clear fire polished glossy edge.

Need a Quote on Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guards?

Either give us a call or email us at Above all, we understand that our customers need quick turn around times, so our team responds quickly to quote requests to help you with a solution. From pencil sketch to cad file, we can work with just about any file format to make your request into a finished success. All trademarks shown on Plexiglass Shield Sneeze Guard images are the property of their respective owners.

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Here’s What Our Customers Think of Us:

Highly professional and excellent work. Pricing was fair for our project. — Arthur Woodrow

Impressive Work! LCI guided our company with patience and care! Great experience. — Ben McIntosh

Excellent consultation and high quality workmanship on Laser Cutting Architectural Felt. I love this company! — Jerry Miller

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