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Need a Quote on a project with 15 Lasers, we can help Either give us a call or e-mail us at the address listed below.  We understand that our customers need quick turn around times and our team responds quickly to quote requests to help you with a solution.  From pencil sketch to cad file, we can work with just about any file format to make your request into a finished success.

Laser Cutting, Inc.
1549 South 38th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215-1717
Toll Free:  800-471-2600
Tel:  414-383-2000
Fax:  414 383-7447
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Laser Cutting, Inc. serves Chicago and New York
with 1 day and 3 day UPS ground shipping.


  1. Kyle
    August 1, 2016


    I was wondering what the max thickness of wood your laser can cut through is? I am also wondering if you can have a two step process that first lasers a pattern through the wood and then mill out the rest the block?



    • George
      August 2, 2016


      It depends on the type of wood. We are able to cut up to .5″ on some types of wood and up to .75″ on others. We also offer milling in addition to laser cutting so we are able to do both laser cutting and milling on the same piece to achieve the 2 step process you are looking for.

  2. Rob Balge
    April 5, 2017

    George Pepe, It’s way overdue but Just wanted to thank you for all past projects that were done to spec, budget and deadline. In addition, your knowledge, expertise and input to make projects better and smoother is always much appreciated. Thanks again…In the words of your dad, You coming over? Ha! I’ll see you soon, hopefully with a new project.

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