Our UV Flatbed printing service produces rich, vibrant and super accurate color. To ensure the overall quality of our work, we analyze and discuss everything with you—from start to finish. This helps us quickly produce the impeccable results that you demand. The main determining factor for how we approach your UV flatbed printing project is based on the material of the product itself. The material of the substrate will affect two important aspects of the project:

  1. The type of ink we use
  2. How we apply the ink

With the correct ink and application, we can minimize—or possibly eliminate—any image loss. This is also a result of the general process our flatbed printing service takes when working with UV ink.

The General Process

  1. We apply the ink to the substrate using the chosen application method
  2. The ink adheres itself to the surface of the substrate
  3. We immediately expose the substrate to UV light, which will cure the print
  4. The ink becomes a permanent part of the substrate

Urgent Projects & Strict Project Requirements

We understand that some of our clients have hard deadlines that come out of nowhere. Our team has the staff and the machines to help you meet those deadlines. If it’s an urgent project, please let us know right away, so we can prioritize it. Also, our team will make sure we follow all of your requirements throughout the entire process. Even if your requirements are strict, we’ll abide by them.

Company Information

Our trusted facility is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but we mostly work with clients throughout the United States. We provide more than just UV flatbed printing services. We also offer laser engravinglaser cutting, and more. For a quote on any of our services, please contact our team.