Popular Materials We UV Flatbed Print Laser Cut Engrave

These are some of the most Popular Materials we UV Flatbed Print Laser Cut Engrave at LCI.

Faux Metal Laminates

(Top Left:) We illustrate an example of 1/4″ Laser Cut Black Acrylic w/ a Brushed Aluminum Laminate.  Time and time again our customers have picked this as a most popular substrate for Signs and Letters.

Acrylics (Plex)

(Top Right:) First we show an example of Blue Edge Glow translucent Acrylic which is Laser Engraved on the 2nd Surface.  We offer this material as a good choice for wall plaques and Donor Panels.  Also, in certain situations we add LED’s to make the engraving pop. (Middle Left:) Here we show another example. (1/8″ Thick Black Acrylic w/ CMYK+ww UV Flatbed Print)  Printing on Acrylic is our specialty.  With our CMYK + white + clear process, we achieve the finest prints resulting in accurate color and scratch resistant durability.  (Middle Right:) Finally we have 3/8″ Thick Clear Acrylic. First of all we laser Laser Cut the substrate. Finally we CMYK+ww UV Flatbed Print it.  This piece uses the same process as the one on the left, only it is printed on the 2nd Surface.  We then back the image with white ink for opaqueness.


(Bottom Left:) 1/4″ MDF with Maple Veneer on both sides.  First, this piece was laser cut around the contours. Furthermore, it was laser engraved.  (Bottom Right:) 1/4″ MDF with Maple Veneer on both sides.  This piece was printed with our CMYK+ww UV Flatbed process and then stained dark to achieve contrast.
print laser cut engrave

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to supply LCI with a cad file for the project to Print Laser Cut Engrave?
A: A cad file is helpful if you have one but it is not necessary. Our design team can work with you to turn your idea into a finished product.
2. What format files do you work with for Flatbed Print Laser Cut Engrave?
A: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and most other common formats.
3. What information do I need to get a quote?
A: Size of part yo need cut, Type of Material, Thickness of Material and Color. If you don’t know any of this info, we can guide you.
4. Does LCI send a proof before producing work?
A: We always e-mail a proof for your review before running any parts or products.
5. Can LCI produce a sample part before running large orders?
A: Yes! We can make a production sample before large production for either Flatbed Print Laser Cut Engrave.
6: Will the ink scratch off of direct print laser cut acrylic products?
A: No. Our proprietary printing and cutting process leaves ink in tact even after laser cutting through it. Our ink adheres strong and is tough to scratch off.

Need a Quote on a Project?

Either give us a call or e-mail us at the address listed below. We understand that our customers need quick turn around times and our team responds quickly to quote requests to help you with a solution. From pencil sketch to cad file, we can work with just about any file format to make your request into a finished success. All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.

Laser Cutting, Inc.
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Milwaukee, WI 53215-1717
Toll Free: 1-800-471-2600
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e-mail: info@lasercuttinginc.us
web url: www.lasercuttinginc.us

Laser Cutting, Inc. serves Chicago with 1 day UPS ground shipping!

Here’s What Our Customers Think of Us:

John at LCI was very responsive to my calls. They gave me a reasonable quote and they were able to meet my deadline for laser cut acrylic parts with UV print. I would highly recommend their services. Thanks for going the extra mile guys! — Helio Prebenda

Owners are great, and they do quality work for an excellent price. These guys know their lasers! — Brett Benson

They are our go-to business for anything laser cut. They have excellent customer service and produce quality products. — Daniel Laux

We have used Laser Cutting, Inc. for our office signs, they have delivered impressive quality work and a very prompt turnaround time every time. We will definitely continue doing business with them. — Ahide Valdepena


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