Our facilities have the capabilities to complete almost any plastic fabrication. Plastic deforms under pressure, which allows us to transform it into a variety of products. The results we produce may help increase your product’s overall performance or reduce its need for regular maintenance. Our plastic fabrication service is also more cost effective when compared to other fabrication methods.

Know Your Product

We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions regarding your final product:

  1. Does it require one type of plastic or multiple plastic components?
  2. Does it involve a mixture of plastic and non-plastic items?
  3. What are the dimensions of the plastic piece I want?
  4. Do I want to prioritize performance or durability?
  5. What is my product’s ultimate function?

Asking yourself these questions and relaying your answers to our experts will affect the method we choose. If a company were to choose the wrong method, it will affect the end results. Our experts know the ins and outs of each method and can figure out the correct one to implement for your project. Whether you want us to fabricate a lid, access doors, control panels, or something else, you must provide a detailed analysis before we can choose the proper method.

Company Information

We adhere to the strictest requirements. This allows us to work with military and medical companies. Before starting the project, we’ll discuss these requirements with you and continue to refer to them throughout the entire process.

Our professional plastic fabrication team works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but we service the entire United States. We aim to produce work that exceeds all expectations, and we don’t quit until you’re completely satisfied. You can contact us today to receive a quote or to discuss more information regarding our plastic fabrication service.