How Do Lasers Process Plastic Parts?

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How Do Lasers Process Plastic Parts?

Lasers are an incredible tool designed to make plastic engraving, cutting, and processing easier than ever. In fact, laser cutting and engraving have become the preferred way to process plastic parts and acrylics. This is because the narrowest part of a laser’s beam can measure less than 0.0125 inches in diameter. This means that custom laser cutting acrylic and plastic parts offer the best in precision and accuracy. When you’re printing barcodes, serial numbers, and more, you want to assure that your product information is displayed properly.

But how do lasers cut and engrave plastics? Here are some ways laser engraving plastics and cutting materials is executed.

How laser beams are generated

Laser beams are generated by electrical discharges which stimulate a lasing material in an enclosed environment. The lasing material typically takes one of three forms: a CO2 laser, a neodymium laser, or a neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser, also known as Nd:YAG for short. Once the lasing material is stimulated, mirrors reflect the beam in order to promote energy production. When the beam reaches a high enough energy, it’s dispelled in the form of light.

Depending on the material being cut, the laser might rely on a number of different methods to cut or engrave. Some popular options include vaporization cutting, melt and blow engraving, thermal stress cracking, and more. Through these methods, custom laser cutting acrylics, plastics, woods, and metal becomes a breeze.

How do lasers process plastics?

Lasers are one of the primary ways to achieve plastic engraving and cutting. Lasers are equipped to handle most types of plastics, whether you want to engrave a barcode on the plastic’s exterior or cut out thin plastic shapes from a sheet of polyamide.

More often than not, custom laser cutting services will rely on CO2 lasers for engraving on plastic. This is because carbonizing offers high contrast ratios, making this process perfect for engraving on bright surfaces. A good laser company, however, will offer a variety of options to best suit your business.

Lasers are a great option for sensitive plastics since the laser beam won’t wear down like with manual cutting. This type of non-contact cutting and engraving ensures that even the smallest permanent details can be achieved on a variety of plastic products. Whether you’re looking to engrave a plaque, a toy, a piece of jewelry, or printed circuit boards, relying on a laser will help you achieve a clean final look.

Who do I call?

When you want quality laser engraving or cutting, rely on Laser Cutting Inc. to get the job done right. Whether you’re custom laser cutting acrylics, plastics, or metals, we have the tools needed to make your job easier.

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